Spray Madness | Limitless |

Video by Selina Miles – Graffiti by Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and QuenchMusic by DJ Butcher – Music by DJ Butcher (free download here) – Sponsored by Ironlak


EKG | Old Street Roundabout, Shoreditch, London

EKG ECG Pulse Electrocardiogram Eraffiti

Keep Conforming and carry on as we tell you | The Old Vic Tunnels, London

TV Street Art Spraywork Sofa Conforming

El Mac | Finished mural for new Adobe campus in Utah

El Mac Graffiti Mural Spraypaint Adobe Utah Street Art

David Walker | Shoreditch, London

David Walker Mural Brushwork Mural Shoreditch London Street Art

El Mac | La Reina de Thai Town | Wilton Place, Los Angeles

El Mac Retna Spraypaint Lettering Mural Los Angeles Street Art Reina Thai

Background and lettering by Retna

Wall Writers

“It started out as fun […] We were just us being us. Which ended up starting this movement, which is now a culture.”

Enjoy the first official trailer of “Wall writers”, the upcoming documentary on the early days of US graffiti, directed by Roger Gastman (producer of Banksy’s “Exit through the gift shop”).